We welcome demos from allcomers with open arms 'cos we LOVE music but please read this before sending something in.

  1. 1. We're open minded but please check out some of our releases and don't waste your time sending us trance, straight up jock rock, boring house, mainstream pop, r&b, hip hop, metal etc as we ain't likely to be releasing stuff like that any time soon.
  2. 2. Only send us your stuff if it's fucking great, no room for mediocrity here!
  3. 3. If you're using any recognisable samples then we're very unlikely to put your music out. We might love it and it might find it's way in to a dj set or two but it's too much of a goddamn expensive pain in the arse to release it legally. Just so you know.
  4. 4. Please send a link to your Bandcamp page via the contact form below.
  5. 5. We're incredibly busy so please don't email us asking if we got your music or for feedback. If we like it we'll send you an email. Eventually.
  6. 6. If you're not having any luck, set up your own record label and find out how much fun losing money can be ! There's a ton of options for doing it yourself out there these days so GO STICK IT TO THE MAN! RIGHT ON, BE FREE!

Good luck!




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