About Us

From it's roots as a cult dance music label and club night in East London to it's current homes in Brooklyn, New York, and at the UK's legendary Rak Studios, Tummy Touch Records has been defying convention, resisting categorisation and championing the unique musical vision of label founder Tim "Love" Lee. Since the first release back in 1994, if it's doped up, blissed out or living on the margins of the acceptable, it's found a loving home at the label. Having launched the careers of artists like Groove Armada, Tom Vek and Phenomenal Handclap Band, Tummy Touch now has, according to the BBC, "an influence far in excess of it's tiny size".

Tim "Love" Lee, the eccentric A&R maverick behind the label, started out his career in music playing Hammond organ for 80s pop stars, Katrina & The Waves but it was as a DJ on the early UK Acid House scene that Lee really developed his skills as a "selector" of fine and far out music. Tim has rocked crowds all around the world (from Helsinki to Sydney, San Francisco to Moscow, Hong Kong to Paris) and of all sizes (from huge festivals like Benicassim, Bestival & The Big Chill to world famous discos like London's Ministry Of Sound to infamous dive bars and celeb hang outs like The Viper Rooms in Hollywood and New York's Rose Bar). Lee's selecting skills have landed him radio shows with KISS FM, the BBC and NYC's East Village Radio as well as official DJ Mix CD releases from Universal Records, Stereo Deluxe / Ministry Of Sound and Keep Diggin.

The unique sound of Tummy Touch has not gone unnoticed by some of the world's leading creatives. Their unique brand of quirky electronica has been used in Films & TV - The Coen brothers chose Tummy Touch to provide ALL the licensed music for their movie, Burn After Reading. Other uses include Sex & The City, The OC, Nip Tuck, The Mighty Boosh, Mr Bean, The Fast & The Furious etc. Major brands that have used Tummy Touch to great effect include VW, Cadillac, Hewlett Packard, Amex, Gordon's Gin, Baileys etc etc

Let Tummy Touch's brand of Bohemian disco rock, sci-fi electro soul, unruly latin mash ups and oddball urban exotica bring aural pleasures to the soundtrack of your world !

"More eccentric beats & treats from Tummy Touch. It swings like a wild and playful pendulum between the trad, the mad and the downright indescribable. Brilliant !" – DJ Magazine


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